The best saws: an indispensable tool in the garden

A tool that cannot be missed by those who love to take care of their garden is the best track saw, a tool with many and in some cases unknown uses.

The main use of the pruning saw is, as the name says, to help us keep the plants in the garden in order.

Thanks to this indispensable garden tool we can make branches and trunks cut as firewood, and dispose more easily of pruning residues making them smaller.

It is an indispensable tool for pruning trees and garden plants, comfortable to use and that allows you to do the work in maximum safety.

What to look for in a pruning saw

When you are about to buy a hacksaw you have to consider a few aspects in order to spend our money in the best way. It is very important that the saw is of very good quality, as it is a tool that by its very nature is subject to a lot of stress and it is certainly not pleasant to be with a tool that is out of use halfway through our work.

The first aspect to consider when buying our saw is the material the blade is made of, which should be hardened steel. On the quality of the blade depends not only the price of the saw but also its durability. Precisely for this reason the models that we went to find have all blades made of Japanese hardened steel, the best material in circulation.

The second important aspect to evaluate is the attachment between blade and handle, which must be solid as if it were a single element. It is also important that once you open the blade and handle, it behaves as a single body. However, while ensuring maximum strength, the attachment must also allow for easy blade replacement in the event of blade breakage.

Finally, it is also important to go and see the shape of the blade, although this aspect is less important than the two discussed above. The blades of pruning saws can be curved or straight, with the former allowing more force to be applied to the wood to be cut and the latter easier to use between branches, fitting better into thin spaces. It will also be possible to look for more versatile intermediate blades that combine the characteristics of both.

Since we are not talking about a product where you can go blind looking only for savings, we have prepared a selection of four good quality tools at an attractive price. A focus on quality when choosing such a product often translates into future savings, as these are tools that are destined, if used properly, to last practically forever.

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