Some good reasons to choose a walk-in shower

One of the main trends in contemporary bathroom design aims to increase the spatial perception of the environment with furnishing solutions that are at the same time functional in their use and of sure aesthetic impact. Choose upflush toilet with us. We have already mentioned it when talking about the visual effect of the total white bathroom and the revolution of perspective generated by the use of suspended sanitary ware. The installation of a floor shower takes this modern bathroom concept even further.

The floor-level shower tray to save space and versatility

The first, clear impression caused by a flush-to-floor shower tray is exquisitely aesthetic: free from the centimeters of rising of a traditional shower tray, the surface of the environment will gain harmony and continuity. It will seem to have cleared the floor of a heavy element of separation, even visual, giving backspace and breath to the room. This solution is also popular for small bathrooms, which benefit most from optimal volume design. The details will then make the difference, enhancing the elegance of this rediscovered corner with a precise choice of finishes and materials.

Floor shower with tiles, mosaics, glass, ceramic, or wood

The floor shower can first be completed with the same floors and walls used in the rest of the bathroom, thus creating a uniform and total continuity. Or you can focus on the great variety and quality of materials that are suitable for this article: tiles, mosaics, glass, or ceramics, not to mention the natural wood that refers to the Zen inspiration of the Japanese bathroom. All this combined according to the needs required for the environment, because one of the greatest advantages of the floor shower tray is that it is not subject to standard size restrictions, but can be customized both in shape and size.

The safety of a floor shower tray

Of course, it is not just a matter of appearance, although the exceptionally of a  floor shower tray is a sign of distinction and an unmistakable index of the search for domestic elegance. The choice of such an installation also scores points in favor in terms of safety, as a potential pitfall represented by the step that forms with the raised shower tray is eliminated, especially when water or condensed steam make it slippery. Furthermore, although limited, it acts as an uncomfortable architectural barrier for elderly people or people with reduced mobility. A floor-level shower tray eliminates this kind of inconvenience.

Floor shower costs

Even on an economic level, the choice of a floor-mounted shower tray is more convenient than its raised counterpart. As we have said, the materials to be used can be the same already used to finish the bathroom and on the market, there are excellent compromises between the quality of the elements and the design to scream. The unknown cost variable, which does not derive from the product itself, concerns labor. In reality, the only real constraint that can condition the choice of a solution of this type to a more traditional one concerns the poor elasticity of the system. A floor-level shower will be an integral part of the floor where it is installed and therefore its installation is preferable to be decided already during the design or renovation phase so that the drain system is easily recessed into the floor. For this reason, many of the advertised floor showers are offered to replace the bathtub. On a residual basis, there are also prefabricated shower trays already equipped with everything that is dry laid.

Tips for a correct installation

In any case, it is essential that the work for laying a floor shower is carried out by a qualified professional, given the particular set of technical skills that this operation requires and which cannot be improvised. First, the correct slope of the screed must be considered, in order to allow the drain water to flow correctly and to avoid inappropriate and annoying stagnation. Furthermore, it is necessary to proceed with a perfect waterproofing of the premises and the correct adherence of the pipes to prevent dangerous infiltration that can be harmful, especially in a condominium context.

Floor shower drain

The floor shower drain is another essential component for the full functionality of this type of system. Whether it is the classic round drain positioned in the center of the plate or the channel aligned along with one of the sides, it is important that they are equipped with an adjustable siphon for convenient connection to the pipes below and a removable part that makes them easy to clean and inspect.  Due to its more modern and minimalist design, the drainage channel is the most popular, thanks also to its versatility in the finishes and the possibility that it can be tiled. But the most avant-garde solution is represented by the flush-to-wall drain, with its opening positioned at the “baseboard” level that allows you to enjoy an intact shower tray and free to share the functions of the rest of the floor, such as a system of diffused heating.

Concealed flush floor shower box

A suitable floor shower enclosure will complete the whole, which following the philosophy of “spatial perception” will be designed in the name of privacy. The transparency of the walls can also be applied to the frame, in order to eliminate the interruptions created by guides and joints, making the box similar to a delicate crystal bubble. The concealed flush-to-floor shower enclosure offers an even more incisive solution, folding the walls of the cabin back on themselves or making them fit inside the walls according to a perfect space-saving perspective.


The choice of a wet room door several advantages if artfully designed and the team of experts in bathroom design of D’Ambra Showroom is ready to affiancarti and advise in the design of a bathroom environment that meets all your needs of style and furnishing.

The innovative modular showroom of over 400 square meters offers a studied selection of shower trays and shower cubicles from prestigious brands in the sector.

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