Sodium Bicarbonate. Natural Remedy In Gardening

So versatile is sodium bicarbonate that it can be used in a variety of circumstances: at home, for hygienic and personal use, healthy and even in the garden.

Sodium bicarbonate is a very useful element and has many benefits, you can easily find it on the market. Few people know that sodium bicarbonate can be a natural and home remedy for our garden and our garden plants.

It is presented as a white crystalline powder, very fine. It is composed of a mixture of alkaline salts that create an unfavorable and hostile environment for various fungal diseases. For this reason, sodium bicarbonate is a very valid remedy that acts as a natural fungicide.

It should be used mainly for prevention or the first appearance of fungal diseases, such as powdery mildew and downy mildew. Some species of parasites, such as cochineal, can also be kept away from our plants.

How And When To Use:

Sodium bicarbonate should be used with some care, avoiding the contact of sodium with the soil, because it could become toxic for the survival of the treated plant. Therefore, plants should not be irrigated with this solution.

It should be used through a nebulizer and sprayed on the leaves. In this way, we will temporarily increase the PH of the foliar laminae without any particular contraindications, creating a basic and difficult environment for the proliferation of fungi.

It should be used with moderation, not applying the solution daily. It is useless to use sodium bicarbonate repeatedly in conditions not conducive to the proliferation of fungal diseases, because it has a low persistence on the treated plant and in doing so, causes negative effects on the vegetation.

When Should Sodium Bicarbonate Be Used?

As we have told you, sodium bicarbonate is a natural alternative to sulphur. In case of high humidity, a thunderstorm in sight, frequent rain and sometimes without sulfur, we can use a valid and very effective remedy such as the solution of sodium bicarbonate.

What Does It Take To Prepare The Solution Of Sodium Bicarbonate?

Nothing simpler, it takes very little time to prepare this homemade remedy. Just add the sodium bicarbonate to the water and mix for a few seconds.

We need water and baking soda.

We will use one kg of sodium bicarbonate for every 100 liters of water, or a tablespoon in one liter abundant. The quantity varies depending on the number of plants to be treated.

Once the solution has been obtained, use a nebulizer. Thin the canopy, removing excess foliage and branches, starting from the lower parts of the plants to be treated and then spray evenly on the leaves.

Remember that prevention is the most effective tool, especially when it comes to organic farming.

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