Neem Oil And Soft Soap, How To Use Them Together. Natural Insecticide

Neem oil and potashic soft soap are two valuable natural remedies, very useful to protect our plants from pests, also providing for the appearance of many fungal diseases. These are products that every gardener should have in their locker, why?

Very simple! The advantages of these two natural extracts are many. Quick action, they are biodegradable, respect for the environment, for man and animals, as for all other useful insects such as bees and ladybirds, unlike chemicals that kill everything. Unfortunately many people still use it, considering the Neem oil and soft soap products less professional. But that’s not the case at all! In this post we see the characteristics of the two products and the solution with the right dosages, to create a natural knocker with total coverage.

Neem Oil

Neem oil is a product extracted from a subtropical tree, called Azadirachta indica. It is a powerful natural pesticide and can also act against many different types of fungi. It prevents the appearance and removes a large number of phytophagous insects such as mites, lice, aphids, serpentine miners and others. When Neem oil comes into contact with the bodies of insects, it does not kill them directly, but blocks their endocrine system, causing them the possibility to reproduce. Furthermore, it is capable to block the transformation from larva to adult insect. Neem oil should be diluted in water, better if warm because of its density. It is not toxic to humans or animals, however, it is recommended to stop treatment a week before a harvest.

Neem oil, 240 ml bottle is on sale on Amazon: Nemm oil 240 ml at the price of 13.30 Euro. ( Price subject to change).

Soft Soap

The potash soft soap is a natural product used in agriculture, to combat many types of insects not protected by shields, such as mites, aphids, psyllias, aleurodids, tinged, cochineal and others. It is also used to wash plants, freeing them from honeydew produced by certain pests. It acts by dissolving the waxes present in the cuticle of insects, leading them to death by dehydration, enhancing the natural defenses of plants. It is important to understand that this is the real soap to be used as a pesticide, and not the kitchen soap which results in characteristics, all less than natural and non-toxic, also causing damage to the vegetation. The soft potash soap, in addition to other natural products, performs the important “wetting-adhesive” action, promoting the homogeneous spread of substances.

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Total Natural Abatement, Mixing And Dosing

And now we see how to mix these two products allowed in organic farming, to obtain an insecticide abatement against the most common pests such as: aphids, cochineal, mites, lice, fleas, white fly, bugs, miner serpentine, aleuroids, dorifora, fleas ants and many more, also preventing pathogens.


Neem oil – liquid potash soft soap – nebulizer.

Dosage Per 1 Lt Of Water

Add 25 ml of oil with the help of a measuring spoon, and then pour it into the plant pump nebulizer, such as this one:

Clean the measuring spoon and add 6 ml of soft soap, then always pour it into the nebulizer, combining it with Neem oil.

Add 1 litre of lukewarm water to the nebulizer and mix well. The knock-down solution is ready!

Now you can protect and prevent pests and diseases on your plants, treating them every 6 days for prevention, every 3 days for infestations. Wet the leaves of the plant to be treated well and evenly. Do this in the evening or early in the morning, not during hot hours.

For 40 Lt Of Water

1 litre of Neem oil, plus 250 ml of soft soap. You can see how to prevent Oidium, a fungal disease that is widespread in the summer, by reading this post: Oidium-What is-prevention-and-remediation.

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