Cultivate organic, Biogardening

Organic cultivation is important to apply to both vegetables, but also to plants and flowers from the garden and balcony.

Organic cultivation is a particular type of cultivation that aims to exploit the fertility and natural resources of the soil, without excessively affecting it. It tries to promote the biodiversity of domestic species, both animal and vegetable, excluding the use of chemicals and GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms).

The use of natural substances, with long-lasting effects, is the basis of organic farming and biogardening, but without exceeding in use.

Until a few years ago, organic farming on the balcony and in the garden was really difficult, not anymore. Many garden centers are equipped with a wide range of products for completely organic cultivation and allow the abandonment of chemical remedies.

Nowadays there are fertilizers, soils, fungicides and insecticides that respect the health of plants and the environment and everything that surrounds us. In addition, there are many organic household remedies that can be used for the care of plants, which allow you to save some money.

Why Grow Organically?

So, whether it’s vegetables, plants and balcony or garden flowers, the answer to why considering organic cultivation is simple. It is, first of all, an act of responsibility towards our health and that of our environment, which for some years now has been fighting against climate change. The gardening certainly allows cultivating healthy and vigorous plants that will welcome insects and other useful animals. There are also many advantages for vegetables, which will be free of chemicals and will not need to be rinsed thoroughly before consumption.

Now the question we want to ask you is: why use fertilisers, pesticides and various chemicals when healthy plants do not benefit from them? Pests and diseases can be prevented and solved with non-toxic products.


Yes, prevention is the keyword. As in all circumstances, the saying “prevention is better than cure” also applies in agriculture and gardening. It is the most effective weapon, especially when it comes to organic farming.

Therefore, it is important to inform oneself, to get acquainted with the plants that we cultivate, the needs that may require, for example: exposure, quantity of irrigation, etc.. and the problems that may suffer.

By preventing, even with home remedies, we will give more chance to the plant to grow healthy and vigorous.

An Organic Gardener

Becoming a good gardener who respects the environment is within everyone’s reach. As mentioned in the paragraph above, the best weapon is prevention.

If necessary, however, there are many products, including insecticides and fungicides allowed in organic farming, prepared with natural substances to be used at the first appearance of the problem itself.

Will bio gardening bring advantages and experience to ourselves too, which ones?

First of all, it will surely and inevitably lead us to inform ourselves, to know better the plants we intend to cultivate. Once we have received all the information we need, we just have to apply it and guarantee the plant all the needs it requires. It will take us and help us to know the soil of our garden, which by learning to enrich it with compost, without damaging it too much, will give the plants the substances they need to grow and defend themselves. The information will give us the opportunity, gradually, to recognize diseases and pests that may appear on our vegetation, taking care and solving the problem.

Obviously, everything will be learned over time, learning from the mistakes that will inevitably be made. By treasuring and storing information, which is now easily found on the net, we will become gardeners with a capital G. Yes, by applying organic farming we will really learn to take care of plants and the garden with our hands, respecting the environment but also the plants themselves.

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