Celosia rooster crest, Cultivation and Sowing

The Celosia crest of Rooster is a plant much loved for its bright colors and prolonged blooms. Let’s see what it is and how it is grown.

Celosia, also known as the rooster’s crest, is an ornamental plant that is particularly appreciated for its bright blooms that last for several months.

It is a perennial herbaceous plant, but it is mainly cultivated as an annual plant. It belongs to the Amaranthaceae family, has more than 50 species and is native to tropical American regions, Asia and Africa.

It can be cultivated both in pots and in gardens, it reaches a height of about 120 cm and gives life to coloured feathery blooms. The most common colours of its flowers are: red, violet, orange, white, pink and yellow.

The flowers of Celosia can be used for the formation of bouquets, once cut they maintain the bright color for several days.

Let’s see how to sow and take care of this plant.

How And When To Sow

The best propagation of the rooster crest celosia is definitely by seed.

The plant during the summer season produces a lot of feathery flower stems that drying out, form multiple black shiny seeds inside. Sowing is very simple. Once our seedlings are obtained and planted, celosia can self multiply season by season. To avoid an infestation, just remove the dried flowers, collect the seeds and store them. For this reason we prefer to cultivate this plant as an annual.

If we want to anticipate the times and have the plants ready already in spring we can choose to propagate the Celosia at home in the seedbed. This procedure should be carried out in February. How to do this?

We prepare the selected pots by filling them with peat (a type of soil suitable for sowing). Let’s put 3-4 seeds per pot and cover them with a light dusting of soil.

Let’s water the ready made jars with a nebulizer, then put them in the seedbed, repeat the operation once a day. Cover with the appropriate lid. Keep the soil always moist.

The temperature in the seedbed should be around 20-22 degrees Celsius.

After 3-4 days the first shoots will be visible. Let’s leave the small plants still in the greenhouse for at least 5-6 days. Remove the surplus plants by choosing the healthiest ones.

After this time we can gradually accustom them to the climate of the house. Choose a bright spot or get lamps for indoor growing. Then, as temperatures rise, we can move the plants outside, always gradually first in the shade and then in the sun.

To be more successful, the chosen seedbed must be equipped with a heating mat or built-in heating.

If we do not have a seedbed we can wait until spring and sow the Celosia crest rooster outdoors, in the garden or pot. Sowing outside should be done in April, when the danger of night frost is now averted.

Take Care of Celosia

When our plants grown in greenhouses have reached a height of about 15/20 cm, they will be ready for transplanting. This usually takes place during the period of April. Let’s choose the place where to place the Celosia and prepare a hole. Wet the potting soil and apply slight pressure with the palm of your hand to let out the small, compact plant of potting soil and roots. Water.

Celosia is a plant that grows rapidly and requires little care.  It loves an exposition in full sun.

The ideal temperature ranges from 10° minimum to 28° maximum, but it can survive even at higher temperatures.

During the summer season it requires medium-high watering. Irrigate the plant one day you one day not. Avoid water stagnation.

Eliminate constantly the stems with dried flowers.

It blooms from June to late October, until temperatures drop below 10°. With the arrival of the first cold, the plant dies if kept outside. If we want to grow Celosia as a perennial plant, we should bring it indoors or indoors from October to March, ensuring a temperature of 16-18 °.

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